Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 weeks really?

Hey all. Wow it has been like 2 weeks since I have posted. I have a busy 2 weeks. With VBS last week and just a whole bunch going on, I haven't found time to just sit down and write about updates and life. I have to tell you though in the last 2 weeks Grace has done something everyday to make me feel better in a certain situation or she has just shown me so much love and wanted to do everything I do. She has brought a SMILE to my face every single day.

Yesterdays smile/enjoyment was when we were watching tv together while I waited for the meat to cook for dinner, she was sitting next to me on the love seat. She leaned over, hugged me from behind and said "Mommy, you are the best, I love you bunches" that was my happy moment yesterday. Like I said there have been tons over the last 2 weeks I don't even know where to begin. I have been having an amazing time with her. Well I am off. I must go visit with my mom.

I just thought I would give you a bit of an update.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curlers and Cousins

Last time I posted was the 4th. Sorry guys, been busy just haven't had time to post. I have a few quick stories to share then I must go I have family visiting at my parents that I haven't seen in a long time.

So the other day I tried to curl my hair, and it didn't work. So I had some curlers sitting out, forgetting about them I went on about my duties, A few minutes later I went to check on Grace in the bathroom she had them in her hair, she said "I'm gonna braid my hair." I said Grace you cannot braid your hair with those, those are curlers. She said I was so funny. Well it turned out to be a wonderful conversation and wonderful picture opportunity.

So I got so tired of Grace's playroom the other day that I rearranged it. I made a corner for her tv area complete with books, book shelf, lamp and rug. I basically made her a sitting area, including her princess couch. It turned out wonderfully and the expression on her face after she saw the new set up. She said MOMMY WOW THIS IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL. I love when I make my child's day with the little I do.

Today Grace got to spend the whole day with her cousin. She has never met her cousin Sophie before and she is younger than Grace. Grace seemed to enjoy chasing her around the house, playing with her and sharing with her. I am glad Grace and her got along. She is a very lucky child to have such loving cousins. I think we are going to try to make it a habit to visit/talk to this cousin more. Send pictures and cards and letters. We need more contact with our cousins whom we love and miss when they are away.

Well I must say the last couple of days God has really spoken to me about a lot in my life, about a career, being a mother, wife, and daughter, and how I approach each of those situations and how I can make them better.

*Love and Happiness*

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks, Family, and Food...Happy 4th of July!

So today started in Greenville for us, we woke up and were at my in-laws. At lunch we headed over to my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nieces house. It was wonderful there was tons(I mean Tons!)of delicious food. Everyone brought something and believe me it was delicious. I started with steak and ended with chocolate cheese cake, it was a great afternoon. We all got to hang out and fellowship together. I love being able to have family time. I got some pictures outside of their house of Grace in her 4th of July outfit. After a quick nap and a quick 4 hour visit with my in-laws it was time to leave.

So the next stop was to my families house. I always love hanging out with my family it is always a good time. Again lots and lots of food. I do not know how much of this summer, cookout, holiday food I can take. :-P
So we were trying to explain to Grace what today was about. The best way we could explain it to her was that we Live in America. It is America's birthday. We explained to her not everyone had the same rules and things where they lived, not everyone was free. We explained that some kids couldn't go to school because of where they lived and she should be proud to live in a country that is tolerant of difference. She was very excited that we got to play with fireworks and sparklers. Last year right after she turned 3 we tried to do sparklers with her and it was a disaster. This year she really seemed to enjoy the sparklers. I am going to log this day in pictures. Enjoy, and have a happy 4th of July.

Opening the Fireworks she was determined to open them so we could use them.

Her and Daddy doing the 1st sparkler of the 4th.

Grace and Daddy he told her how to hold it.

She was waiting for daddy to light her sparkler

She loves to goof off in Pictures, it is hilarious the faces she makes.

She always makes me laugh with her funny faces and poses when trying to take serious photos.

Serious Sparkler playing

Writing with the sparkler? Perhaps just slow shutter speed?

Last Sparkler of this year.

I hope you enjoyed my tribute to the 4th. Hope you had a wonderful one. Happy Birthday America.


A morning Tribute to the USA

Whether you agree with the War, our countries direction, or our government, you should still Love your country and support the people who live in it and fight for it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Playing school and preparing for the 4th.

This morning we were visiting In-laws. Mainly because Grace cannot run around too much we decided to come this way for church and for the 4th. Not what we usually do, but she would not be able to jet ski or water ski, that would be too much for having surgery not even a week ago yet.

So this morning when I got up we were playing school in the bedroom with a poster, and her babies. This is becoming more and more common. I used to love playing school and teaching my babies and animals. It was always a lot of fun for me to be the teacher. That's what I already have a degree in and getting add on certification in. I guess it just runs in the family. I love to teach I just hope that I can get a job soon. If not than I have a plan.

I am so blessed right now with an Amazing husband, a house, a wonderful 4 year old daughter and a wonderful family in general.

Grace playing school.

Come back tomorrow for an update and pictures from the 4th. There may be more pictures later today So check back.

Love, Peace, & Happiness,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sprinklers, Polish, and Pajama Songs

Grace and I had a great day. She is almost back to her normal self. She was very energetic today. You almost wouldn't know that 4 days ago she was very lethargic and definitely not herself.

So today we got dressed, picked out our own clothes like we like to do. We wore a (too big) Gamecocks shirt, a blue jean skirt, a Dora hat, a Dora necklace, a ring, and a bracelet. Then we painted our nails and as I was told
"Momma, I want pink nails not hot pink regwelar pink."
So our toes and fingers are regular pink with sparkles, just the way every little girl should have her nails.;) she can be girly when she wants to be. This mommy likes that. A girl who likes to play outside in the dirt with her cars or ball in her skirt/dress with her nails done. Thats my kind of girl!
She was so excited about playing in the sprinklers today. I lathered her up really good in Aveeno sunscreen, and put her swim suit on her, and her crocs, went outside and hooked up the sprinkler. I had on old clothes so I put my phone and glasses up so we could play in the sprinkler together. I get it set up and what does she say:
"Mommy, it's too cold, make it warm like my bath" I responded with a giggle and "Grace it's hot outside you want the water to be cold."
She insisted it was too cold and I needed to make it warmer, so after running through the sprinklers myself a few times and holding her hand to do it she decided the swing set was a much better option. So we played outside for a while. Then we came in and ate our lunch, and took a rest. It was a crazy day.

After all of that fun stuff we just hung out around the house and played and watched movies. Well tonight after being outside again, after daddy got home and we had our favorite Breakfast for Dinner (Breakfast Casserole) we got our pajamas on. Grace and I made up our own song the Pajama Jam, we danced to it as we got our jamies on. I enjoy these moments I get to spend with Grace making up songs and dancing with her to silly songs. I Love it.

Grace dancing to the Pajama Jam. As you can tell almost back to her normal self.