Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ariel, Singing, and reading.

So I have been extremely horrible at posting lately about the latest in my life or that latest "Gracism" as I like to call them. The latest Gracism is that she is Ariel. She does not always want to be called Grace. She will say "But mommy, I am Ariel" so then I ask her if "Ariel wants lunch?" I think she enjoys me referring to her as Ariel, her favorite princess currently. She has a favorite princess for about 2 or 3 months then it switches, usually based on which movie we watch and how often. For a long time she was stuck on the Tangled movie now its Ariel 1,2,& 3 as she calls them, instead of using their real names.
Grace's other new/ongoing thing is she is loving to sing everything. When I say everything I mean everything. Just today she was singing "I am playing with my bar-bi-es in my play-ay-ay-room. Bar-bi-es, I Lo-ve You" and repeat like 10 times. I think it is cute and tell her, they are beautiful songs. One thing she got from me though....she is tone deaf, and well cannot carry a tune if she had too. Oh well like mother like daughter right? We will just sing very loudly and off key together, if that's what makes us happy.
The last new thing I am going to write about tonight simply for the fact that it is 9:30PM and I am tired is that she is trying/wanting to read everything. She doesn't even know all her letter names yet but she wants to read. She is following along her fingers on everything from pictures with letters to books we read together, she is using her fingers when she says a word and sounds it like she is reading it. She also wants to know what sound every word begins with. She has trouble with words that have blends at the begining like chair, but we are working on that. She is ready to learn.

Love, Peace, and Happiness.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sorry such a long break...

Sorry everyone I had you wait a week and a half for a new update. Totally not like me. A lot has happened. I have found out I am going to be having Baby#2 due in the spring. Totally awesome, wonderful, and scary all at the same time.

My daughter today we were working on the L sound, she is having slight trouble and still making the W sound for words that begin with L. She is however now overexaggerating the L sound but I would rather her do that for now than later.

She is super excited for the baby and demands we have a brother. I don't know if that is going to happen or be the case. I have been sick off and on the whole time.

I am off now more tomorrow.