Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have a 5 year old?

So this week my sweet little angel Grace turned 5 years old.

I remember her birth like it was yesterday, what I wore to the hospital, what I watched on TV as we waited for her to be born, the frantic doctors and nurses as we prepared for a scary and rewarding birth.

This was Grace 5 years ago.

Man how time has flown, 5 years already. It seems like yesterday she came into this world in an exciting way, and it has been exciting ever since then. She is a big girl. So today one of the things we did to celebrate her birthday was Build-A-Bear, but instead of building a bear, we built a pink Octopus, which we dressed in a perfectly wonderful Mermaid Outfit! Only my daughter. So now she has a pink dinosaur (we got last year on vacation) named Daisy and she has a pink octopus named Xenia, apparently there is something about pink, and flowers that my daughter must like :D.

Dinner tonight with the whole family will be at Chuck E. Cheese. I will be sure to add some pictures from there. It is one of her favorite places to eat....who knew a kid liking Chuck E. Cheese.

So Grace, Hartley, and I have been doing something new at bedtime. The 3 of us lay in Grace's awesome Big Girl bed. I read both of them a book or two sometimes three depending on time, then we read out of the daily devotional book we have, then a bible story, or verse, then onto prayers. I am learning to pray for them not just "God bless Grace and Hartley" but to really pray for them, for thier future, their faith, their future spouses(That God prepares the heart of the men they will one day marry), their careers, just for their future. One thing I have been praying over Grace lately is for when she starts school in August, for the children she will meet, the experiences she will have, and for her teacher. Just that it is a wonderful experience for her.

Picture of the girls during our new Bedtime Routine.

Something Else Grace and I love to do and take pictures of is make Funny Faces.

So now onto Baby updates.
Hartley who is 9 weeks old can now roll from her back to her left side or right side. Wow how amazing she has been. She is always smiling at me when I talk with her. She is changing and growing so much it is crazy. She is getting so big and I cannot wait to take her to the Doctor on Friday and see how much my little chunker has grown. She was a dainty baby, and now you would never know she was dainty at a whooping 6lbs 14 ounces at birth. I am thinking this little bunny is close to 12 lbs now but we will see.

This was our family night from last Friday we went on a picnic at the Park and while Daddy and Grace flew the kite Hartley and I just hung out.

Here is one I got of her smiling at me though.

God has shown me a lot about life, patience, andlove through my girls, my marriage, and my everyday happenings. Keep reading for more updates on the girls, myself and my marriage.

Love, Peace, & Happiness always.


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