Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just another March Day

So much has happened lately.

Grace is still working on printing her name, and we are starting to work on sight words with her, so that hopefully she is reading a bit before she starts Kindergarten. She is getting wary about Hartley coming and keeps asking us random questions and doesn't really know for sure what the big deal is. She thinks that as soon as Hartley gets here she will be able to play and run around, I have had to explain to her multiple times that is not the case.

I checked some books out today about new babies and what not from the library. I hope those help her with her uneasy feelings. She likes the baby's room but I think she is still very uneasy and unsure of what this really is. As I write about the baby she has decided it is time to shift her entire body, making it a bit uncomfortable for me, since she wants to put her bottom in my ribs and kick.

Grace has continued to be an amazing little girl, who everyday makes me wonder about her extraordinary imagination. The other day she was SUPER GRACIE and I was her TRUSTY Side kick Sam. She makes me laugh everyday and I cannot imagine not spending time with her, she makes my day and I worry that when the new one come how will I have joy, and Love for 2 amazing little girls? I know it is possibly but Grace is the center of my world right now and I don't know how I could have 2 that are.

Hartley's room is basically complete. I have yet to take decent pictures so there are none yet. I do have some more recent ultrasound pictures. She looks so much like her sister and her daddy that it isn't even funny. You can see she already has hair......thats why I have such horrible heartburn isn't it? Well I am off, making dinner for a wonderful friend.

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